Business Coverages

  1. Retail Insurance policies for KY

    We understand how much work it takes to start your own business, make it grow, and keep it going. It takes time, determination, patience, and persistence. So once you’ve gotten it up and running, it makes sense it protect it as best you can. That’s why we offer Retail Insurance. No matter if you’re selling […]

  2. Restaurant and Bar Insurance policies for KY

    will protect your Restaurant from Loss. Every restaurant is unique. Therefore, the insurance program protecting each establishment should be unique, too. The most common types of restaurant insurance available include : Property Insurance – Protects your property in case of fire or other events. It may not cover natural disasters, such as floods or earthquakes […]

  3. Garage liability Insurance policies for KY

      Garage insurance, also known as “motor trade insurance,” is a type of liability insurance that covers garage owners and car dealerships from claims involving customers’ vehicles while on the company premises. This type of insurance covers a variety of businesses, including automobile dealers, repair garages, service stations, storage garages, parking lots, valet services, and […]

  4. Contractors Insurance

    As a contractor with your own equipment and tools of trade, you are essentially operating you own business and it’s only sensible to protect your business assets from theft or damage. Naturally, if you have a vehicle you use for work, it would be wise to take out comprehensive auto insurance policy. Insurance for contractors […]

  5. Workers Compensation Insurance policies for KY

    As a business owner, you do everything you can to protect your employees from potential dangers, but do you have workers compensation protection? Most business owners understand that workers compensation is important, but did you know that if you have employees, it is required by law for most businesses to have coverage? Workers compensation is […]

  6. Commercial Auto Insurance policies for KY

    Many states require individuals to purchase auto insurance to protect their cars. Car insurance is mandated for good reason- if you get into an accident, you and the other driver involved will be thankful you have coverage. If you are a business owner whose company has a fleet of vehicles, the same auto insurance needs […]

  7. General Liability Insurance policies for KY

    If you have a personal umbrella liability policy, there’s generally an exclusion for business-related liability. Make sure you have sufficient auto liability coverage. Unfortunately for every business owner, the chances of getting sued have dramatically increased in the last decade. General Liability insurance can prevent a legal suit from turning into a financial disaster by […]

  8. Commercial Property Insurance policies for KY

    Although most business owner policies (BOPs) do provide coverage for property, this most often pertains only to the actual structure of your business. Under a BOP, generally, the structure of your business is covered from events of “peril” (i.e. weather-related damage) and causes of loss (i.e. robbery). What about the furniture, computers, and equipment in […]

  9. Business Insurance

    florist arranging flowers in shop

    Insurance is important for any business; there is no doubt about that. However, is it not the kind of coverage a business owner should rush through purchasing. Buying business insurance is a complicated process and you want to make sure you have an insurance agent who will take the time to ensure that you have […]